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Édouard Louis: History of Violence

A thorough social analysis of time, desire, immigration and racism

On Thursday, 24th December, in the Paris Place de la République, returning home from a Christmas dinner, young Édouard meets Reda, a young man with Algerian roots. They talk, start flirting and soon Édouard invites Reda to his apartment. The two spend the night together.

Reda talks about his childhood and his father, who fled from Algeria to France, where he was forced into heavy labour. The atmosphere is playful, they laugh and show affection to each other and have sexual intercourse. A few hours later, when they are saying goodbye, Édouard finds out his smart phone is missing. Reda suddenly pulls out his gun and threatens him, and things quickly lead to aggression, violence and rape. Next morning, Édouard goes to the police and seeks medical attention. Not knowing how to face the trauma, he escapes home to the countryside in north-eastern France and confides in his sister Clare. The reaction to the dramatic incident, the conversations with people around him, the interrogation by the police and the medical staff uncover racism, homophobia and unclear structures of power rooted deep in today’s capitalist society.

In his autobiographical novel History of Violence, the French writer Édouard Louis reconstructs the traumatic night and creates a text that is both a personal and a thorough social analysis of time, desire, immigration and racism. Through voices of various victims, Luis captures the crime pushed to the margins of the society.

It is a brave and an ambitious text by one of the most provoking young writers, whose works have been translated into many languages and staged in several countries.

Director: Ivica Buljan
Cast: Petja Labović, Benjamin Krnetić, Ana Dolinar Horvat, Robert Waltl, Boris Vlastelica
Translator: Miha Medved
Dramaturgical advisor: Alen Prošić
Costume designer: Ana Savić Gecan
Composer: Boris Vlastelica (Repetitor)
Video and lightning design: Toni Soprano Meneglejte & sonda57
Co-production: Mini teater Ljubljana, Mestno gledališče Ptuj

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